Heico 71 Series Staple Light-Duty Hand Tacker

Product details
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    Type: Hand Tacker
    Pack Size: 1 pc
    Brand: HEICO


Product description

Our own brand Heico light duty staple tacker is a professional manual hand upholstery tacker with rear loading magazine. This hand tacker fires 71 series upholstery staples from 6mm-10mm.

Product Details:

  • Model – Heico Hand Tacker
  • Staple Type – 71 Series
  • Staple Lengths – 6mm-10mm
  • Rear loading magazine
  • Magazine Capacity – 140 staples

Staple Specification:

  • Staple Width – 9mm
  • Staple Length – 6-10mm
  • Staple Wire Diameter – 22 gauge (0.60 x 0.75mm)
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