Chair Glides




Heico Direct is the UK's top online provider of upholstery supplies and a member of the international Theo Heimann Group. We are committed to supplying upholstery, furniture and interiors businesses with the finest quality fittings to improve the overall look and functionality of their designs. Take a look at our wide range of chair glides - we are sure you will be impressed! Protect your flooring We have all experienced the horror of finding a huge scratch on our new wood, slate or tile floor after a piece of furniture has been dragged across it. Whilst accidents do happen, they can be easily prevented using chair glides! By simply placing the glides on the feet of your furniture, you can prevent them from causing permanent damage to your flooring or carpet. Balance your furniture Our chair glides are also beneficial for levelling out unbalanced furniture. For example, if you have upcycled a piece of antique furniture that has slightly uneven legs, our chair glides will help to balance this out, making it safer to use. You will never have to sit on a wobbly chair ever again! Improve the lifespan of your furniture Using chair glides on your furniture can increase its life span. Not only will the glides protect the flooring underneath, but the furniture's legs too! For example if someone accidentally spills a liquid on your flooring, you won't have to worry about it soaking into your furniture, as the chair glides provide a barrier in between. For such a small cost, it is definitely worth investing in a set of chair glides for your furniture as they will save you a lot of money in the long run! Different types of chair glides From looking at our wide range of chair glides, you may have noticed that we have a variety of different types available, chair guides for metal chairs, felt furniture glides, single pin glides, plastic furniture glides, rubber cushion furniture glides and three prong glides. The types of chair glide you choose will depend on the type of furniture you will be using it on, as well as the type of flooring you want to protect. We supply chair glides for wooden floors, our felt and rubber glides are fantastic for protecting hard wood floors, whereas single pin and plastic glides may be better suited to protecting carpeted floors. Replacing your chair glides Despite being extremely durable, chair glides do not last forever, so you will need to make sure that you replace them. Check your chair glides for signs of wear every so often. If you notice that they have worn down, you will need to replace them as soon as possible to prevent the chair legs from being exposed and causing damage to your flooring. Trade prices If you are in the upholstery, furniture or interiors business, then you are entitled to receive our trade discounts! Simply visit the 'Trade Signup' page on our website and fill in your details. Once your application has been checked and approved, you will have access to our discounted trade prices. Please keep in mind that these discounts are for traders only and therefore false applications will not be accepted.