Chair Webbing

Heico Direct is the UK’s number one online supplier of upholstery supplies and a member of the international Theo Heimann Group. We are committed to supplying upholstery, furniture and interiors businesses with the finest quality fittings to improve the overall look and functionality of their designs. Whether you are furniture manufacturer designing a new sofa or arm chair, or simply someone having a go at a DIY upcycling project, you will need to get your hands on fine quality elastic chair webbing. What is furniture webbing? Furniture webbing is often found in sitting furniture like armchairs and sofas. It acts as a flexible foundation upon which cushions are placed. Chair webbing is designed to provide a comfortable sitting area, whilst also being strong and supportive. It is what gives your furniture its strength and shape. Benefits of elastic chair webbing There are many different types of chair webbing available, but personally we would recommend using elastic chair wedding. Unlike other types, elastic chair webbing is extremely easy to attach to your chair frames. You can either tack it or use a staple gun to attach it firmly to a chair frame. Elastic chair webbing provides the perfect balance of bounce and give. You will never feel that your chair sags in the middle ever again! It is extremely strong and durable, making it the ideal choice for furniture that is intended for everyday use. If you are looking to mend an old sofa or arm chair, then simply purchasing elastic webbing and applying it to the frame can make it look and feel brand new again! Our chair webbing is extremely affordable and will save you no end of money, as it will help to prolong the life of your sofas and armchairs. Size and elasticity When choosing chair webbing it is important to select the right size for your piece of furniture. If you are simply replacing the old webbing, measure it to find out its length and width, keeping in mind that it will have stretched a little over time. When applying webbing we recommend that you do not cut it into chair webbing strips first, as you do not want to suddenly find that they are not long enough to cover the base of your furniture. From looking at our selection of elastic webbing strips you will see that we have various different types available ranging from 10 to 100% elasticity. We supply webbing in various strengths so that the upholsterer can choose the appropriate tension type for their furniture designs. The strength of the chair webbing will have an overall effect on the comfort and support offered by a piece of furniture. Trade prices If you work in the upholstery, furniture or interiors industry, then you may be eligible for our trade discounts. Simply click on the ‘Trade Signup’ page on our website and fill in your details. Once your application has been checked and approved, you will be able to benefit from our fantastic trade prices. Please keep in mind that these discounts are available to traders only. We thoroughly check every application before approving them.