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Heico Direct is the UK’s number one supplier of upholstery products and is a member of the international Theo Heimann Group. Heico Direct is committed to supplying its customers with high quality fittings that will improve both the appearance and practicality of their upholstery and furniture designs. On this page you will find our finest selection of sofa legs and feet. Choosing the right sofa legs and feet for your sofa It is essential that you choose the right type of legs and feet for your sofa. The type of legs or feet you select may depend on the weight of the sofa, as well as the overall look you are going for. Here on our website you will find an extensive range of sofa legs and feet, made from a variety of different materials including metal and wood. You will also find a wide range of sofa legs with inbuilt castor wheels. These sofa legs are ideal for using on furniture that needs to be frequently moved from room to room. All of our sofa legs and feet are manufactured to the highest standards and offered at competitive prices. Upgrade the look of your sofa Whether you are upcycling an old sofa or simply want to update the look of your existing sofa, this can be easily done with a new set of sofa legs or feet. If you want to give your sofa a contemporary appearance, we suggest selecting our metal sofa legs. However if you are going for a more traditional look, you may prefer our high quality wooden sofa feet. We even have antique sofa legs, which are ideal for using on period-style furniture. Our sofa legs come in various different shapes and sizes, ensuring there is something to suit every piece of furniture. Improve the lifespan of your sofa High quality sofas will last for years and sometimes even decades, but over time they can start to look a little worn. A great way to improve your sofas lifespan is to replace its legs or feet. If you think about it, aside from the chair webbing, the legs probably get the most wear as they are what hold the sofa up when you sit on it. When choosing replacement legs or feet for your sofa, make sure that you select the right shape and size. If you require any further advice on selecting the right legs or feet for your sofa, please get in touch. Protecting your flooring Whilst chair legs and feet can improve both your sofas appearance and functionality, they can also damage your floor if you do not take the necessary precautions. If you have laminate or wooden flooring, we highly recommend investing in a set of chair glides to keep your flooring protected. Chair glides are also particularly useful for preventing spilt liquids from soaking into your wooden sofa legs and causing permanent damage. Glides need to be regularly replaced if you want them to protect both your sofa legs and wooden flooring effectively. Trade prices If you work in the upholstery, furniture or interiors industry then you can purchase our chair feet, legs and other supplies at a discounted price. All you need to do is simply click on the ‘Trade Signup’ page on our website and fill in the form. Once your application has been checked and approved, you will be entitled to use our trade discount on any purchases you make from the Heico Direct website. Please remember that these discounts are available to those working in the trade only. Our team thoroughly check each application prior to approval.