Tacking Strip supplies

Tacking Strips are a key aspect of upholstery as we see it today. It helps no end in making upholstery look clean and tidy as well as precise and accurate in terms of how it is stitched. Heico stock and supply a range of Tacking Strips to help ensure sofas and other types of upholstery is able to look good and to a high standard. It is easy to attach and commonly used in sofa's as well as other items of furniture.


Our Tacking Strips include Metal Tacking Strips, Padded Metal Tacking Strips, Sleeved Metal Tacking Strips, Cardboard Tacking Strips as well as Ply Grip's. As with all of the Tacking Strips we stock, they are used underneath the fabric to create crisp edges and to secure the fabric in place without visible staples. They very much work beneath the furniture to make it look good in the eyes of others. The most unique strips we offer, the Ply Grip's are manufactured from high quality tin plated steel. They have a zip-like design and offer a clean, fast closure on curved profiles with the 3 tooth format providing extra holding power.


Metal Tacking Strip is among the most popular type of tacking seen and used in most types of upholstery nowadays. In terms of our own offering of Metal Tacking Strip, this range is hot dipped for high rust protection and is availble in sizes ranging from 24" to 30". Its soft rolled edges offer extra material protection, ideal for use on oustide backs and arms. We stock three different sizes, including 24, 27 and 30 inch strips, with 50 units per pack.


Ply Grip's and Tacking Stips make the upholstering and re-upholstery of furniture a much more straightforward and rewarding process. This is given how easy these components are to use and the manner to which furniture can be made to look a lot neater in terms of how it can look. Great value for money, the easy attachment of tacking can be a simple and effective way of re-juvenating old items of furniture.