Our new totally redesigned website

In the world of business nothing stands still, and that is true of Heico-Direct. Welcome to our new totally redesigned website. Huge amounts of work have gone into making our website bigger and better. Not only have we extended some of our already extensive product ranges but we have made it even easier to find what you are looking for. With clearer and easier routes to the products you want and simpler ways to see all the options we offer, your experience with Heico-Direct has just gone up another level.

Take our wooden sofa legs & feet for example, we have over 50 different designs available in 4 finishes with 18 different fitted brass castor options meaning we have over 480 different leg & feet designs for you to choose from! We have made it easier to find what you need quickly by separating our sofa legs into 2 separate categories – sofa legs with fitted brass castors and sofa legs without fitted brass castors. With our range of sofa legs with fitted brass castors (400 different options available) all you have to do is find the style of leg you like in the finish you prefer and then use our simple drop down menu to select which fitted castor you would like and hey presto, you have found what you need in a jiffy.

We have been busy making these kind of changes across the site so that it is easier and quicker for our customers to find exactly what they want. Our huge range of Upholstery Nails really ups the ante with 6 distinct categories of nail available, over 80 different designs, 67 different finishes, 46 different head sizes and various pack quantities available you have a whopping 600+ options to choose from! We have kept the categories as per our old site but have made it simple to find the exact nail you need. In our popular high and low domed nail ranges you simply select the finish you want (our extensive range includes Brass, Nickle, Antique and Bronze Renaissance as well as an array of colourful options). Then just use our handy drop down menu’s to select the head size from the options available, shank (pin) length and pack quantity and there you have it, exactly what you are looking for ready and waiting to be added to your basket.

Another example of making our customers life a little easier is our upholstery tools range that has well over 100 products. By breaking this down into 16 easy to figure categories you can get straight to what you need quickly and easily and with no need for that tedious scrolling through everything we have to offer to find exactly what you need.

We have also made it easier to determine what your carriage costs will be, simply add you address details before checkout to see your options. This, along with moving to a different payments processor (Opayo, previously Sagepay), now makes the checkout process is far smoother and customer friendly.

Our new site is all about making it easy for you, our customer, to find exactly what you need as easily as possible, saving you time to be getting on with your business. The new Heico-Direct is here, we hope you enjoy it.

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