15mm 3 Prong Nickel Glides
White Stockinette 20 inch Wide (approx) x 1 Mtr
100 1/3 Decorative Upholstery Nail Gun
501F x 16mm Antique Square Upholstery Nail
HG27 x 13mm Red Enamelled Upholstery Nail
Heico 71 Series Single Shot Upholstery Staple Gun
Button Wire Loop Backs No.24 UK - Pack 100
No.4 Washable Piping Cord - 500m
13mm White Cotton India Tape - 50m Reel
Antique Old Copper Finish Brass Round Cup Castor - 1 1/4 inch (32mm) Including Screws
60mm x 40mm Heavy Duty Plastic Chrome Mushroom Glide Set of 4
42 1/2 x 13mm Antique on Brass Upholstery Nail
1660 Decorative Upholstery Nail Gun
BeA 71/16 Upholstery Staple Gun
Combination Ripping Chisel Tack Claw
13mm White Cotton India Tape - 500m Reel
Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive - 500ml
Silver Colour Metal Ball Castors 50mm Set of 4
2 Piece Interlock Metal Furniture Connector
White Stockinette 20 inch Wide (approx) x 5 KG Roll (80 mtrs approx)
1501FN x 19 French Natrual High Dome100 box 45 boxes only
42 1/2 x 13mm Bronze Renaissance Upholstery Nail
Hanks Polyester 2KG Pack
HG22 x 13mm Yellow Enamelled Upholstery Nail
Plastic Handled Staple & Tack Claw
No. 3/0 x 10mm Nickel Upholstery Nail
20 1/2 x 16mm French Natural High Dome Box 1000app 42 boxes in stock
20 1/2 x 13mm Dark Antique High Dome Box 1000app 42 boxes in stock
20mm 3 Prong Nickel Glides
HG25 x 13mm Blue Enamelled Upholstery Nail
HG1 x 13mm Black Enamelled Upholstery Nail
5701 x 16mm Nickel Square Upholstery Nail
Staple & Tack Claw
Wooden Sofa Foot 64mm x 115mm - Raw Finish
Zig Zag Sofa Spring 27 inch (686mm) x 9 gauge (3.60mm dia) wire x 1
1506MCRS 13 x 13mm Copper Renaissance Low Dome box 250 19 boxes in stock
HG77 x 13mm Buff Enamelled Upholstery Nail
Staple Remover
Tack & Staple Remover
R5 x 16mm Nickel Upholstery Nail
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