12 inch x 11 gauge Mattress Button Tufter

Product details
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  • SKU: D-UT-414-12

    Product: Button Tufter
    Pack Size: 1 pc


Product description

This C.S. Osborne brand Mattress Button Tufter is simple to use. Thread button on cord, cut to required length. Then push the needle through the mattress until the cord ends come through. Next pull out the needle and repeat on all buttons. Now turn the mattress over and tie.

C.S. Osborne needles and accessories have long been considered a standard for fine quality. Experience and efficiency in the art of needle making for over 185 years have produced the dependable tools well known throughout the upholstery trade.

Product Details:

  • Length – 12 inch (305mm)
  • Gauge – 11
  • Weight – 1 oz
  • Pack Qty – 1 pc
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