C.S. Osbourne Adjustable ‘U-Cut’ Foam Slicer

Product details
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  • SKU: D-UT-410

    Length: 46 inch (117cm)
    Width: 17 inch (43cm)
    Weight: 7 1/2 lb (3.4kg)


Product description

The ‘U-Cut Foam Slicer’ from C.S. Osbourne is a fast and flexible means of slicing foam. Just place U-Cut on a flat surface with the foam slab to be cut. An adjustable screw setting allows you to set the desired cutting thickness. Then simply push and pull the U-Cut in a saw like motion making wedges, curves, arcs and other shapes.

With a minimum cut thickness of 1/4 inch (6.5mm) to a maximum thickness of 9 inch (229mm) U-Cut is an ideal tool for small furniture jobs. U-Cut can process material up to 36 inch (914mm) in width and unlimited length.

Extra blades are also available, see details below.


Product Details:

  • Length: 46 inch (117cm)
  • Width: 17 inch (43cm)
  • Weight: 7 1/2 lb (3.4kg)

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