Heico 3-in-1 Combined Upholstery Staple Gun/Brad Nail Gun

Product details
  • Category:
  • SKU: D-HFG33C

    Type: Staple/Brad Gun
    Pack Size: 1 pc
    Brand: HEICO


Product description

Our own brand Heico 3 in 1 Upholstery Staple Gun combines a Staple Gun & Brad Gun capable of firing 18 gauge Wide and Narrow Staples as well as 18 gauge standard Brads.

A magazine capacity of 140 staples means this staple gun is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Product Details:

  • Model – Heico HFG33C
  • Weight – 1.0kg
  • Length – 263mm
  • Height – 200mm
  • Width – 60mm
  • Staple Type – Brad Pins, Narrow & Wide Crown Staples
  • Magazine Type – Side Loading
  • Magazine Capacity – 140 staples
  • Operating Pressure – 65-115psi

Fastener Types:

18 Gauge Headed Brad Nails (SK300)
Lengths – 15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm

18 Gauge Narrow Crown (6mm) staples (90 Series)
Lengths – 16mm, 20mm,25mm

18 Gauge Wide Crown (12mm) staples (95 Series)
Length – 25mm

Special Features:

  • 360 degrees adjustable exhaust port
  • Strong and lightweight alloy body
  • Comfortable handle with rubber grip
  • Quick-release nosepiece for fast clearing of jams
  • Narrow nose for accurate fastener placement
  • Fast, Easy slide loading
  • Depth of driver adjustment


  • Upholstered Furniture
  •  Light Furniture/ Cabinet assembly
  •  Light Framing
  •  Packing
  •  Trim and Moulding
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