M8 x 17mm Metal T-Nut

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  • SKU: D-TN08-17-0

    £9.00 - £60.00

Product description

Our T-Nuts (also known as Tee Nuts) have 4 prongs and an internal thread that makes them ideal for attaching wooden sofa legs to your furniture. This T-nut has a flanged end with the 4 sharpened prongs protruding out. It is these prongs that hold the T-Nut flush and captive in the wooden frame and so preventing any rotation whilst attaching your sofa leg.

To use pre-drill a hole (allow for hole to be 1.5mm bigger than the size of the T-Nut i.e. a 9.5mm hole for an M8 T-Nut). Now tap in place with a hammer and you are good to go.


Product Details: 

  • Thread Size – M8
  • Length – 17mm


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