Heico C Ring/Hog Ring Gun

Product details
  • Category:

    Type: C Ring/Hog Ring Gun
    Pack Size: 1 pc
    Brand: HEICO


Product description

Our own brand Heico C Ring/Hog Ring Upholstery Gun fires C Ring clips and Hog Rings for use with wire, spring fixing, mesh units etc.

Product Details:

  • Model – Heico HFGSC7C
  • Type – C Ring/Hog Ring
  • Weight: – 1.45 Kg
  • Length – 187mm
  • Height – 374mm
  • Width – 87mm
  • Fastener Type – C Ring & Hog Ring
  • Magazine Capacity – 100


  •     Upholstered Furniture
  •     Automotive Seating
  •     Auto Control Cables
  •     Bedding
  •     Pocketed Coils, Caging, Insulation
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