Heico 71 Series Automatic Upholstery Staple Gun – with Long Magazine

Product details
  • Category:

    Type: 71 Series Staple Gun
    Pack Size: 1 pc
    Brand: HEICO


Product description

This own brand Heico 71 Series Automatic Upholstery Staple Gun fires 22 gauge Staples ranging in size from 6mm – 16mm and has an extended magazine with which gives you an increased capacity of 400 staples, twice the capacity of our standard 71 series automatic gun.

By simply adjusting the firing dial you can change from normal single shot to automatic firing with a speed firing range of up to 15 staples per second. This tool is perfect for when your requirements change from job to job and you have a large amount of stapling to do. The increased capacity of this gun leaves you free to get on with the job without having to re-load frequently.

Product Details:

  • Model – Heico HFG71ALM
  • Type – Automatic Shot
  • Weight: – 1.2 Kg
  • Length – 381mm
  • Height – 140mm
  • Width – 40mm
  • Staple Type – 71 Series
  • Magazine Type – Bottom Loader
  • Magazine Capacity – 400 Staples
  • Operating Pressure – 60-100psi

Fastener Types:

  • Type- 71 Series
  • Staple Wire Diameter – 22 Gauge
  • Staple Crown – 9.1mm
  • Staple Lengths – 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm

Special Features:

  • Strong and lightweight alloy body
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip
  • All metal magazine
  • Fast, Easy slide bottom load
  • Greater magazine capacity
  • Rear exhausts with built-in silencer to reduce exhaust sound


  •     Upholstered Furniture
  •     Light Furniture/ Cabinet assembly
  •     Light Framing
  •     External Pelmets
  •     Upholstery & Re-Upholstery
  •     Theatre & Film Scenery
  •     Coffin Lining
  •     Office Screens
  •     Display & Shop Fitting
  •     Blinds & Awnings
  •     Window Dressing
  •     Beading / Mouldings & Picture Frames
  •     Exhibition/ Shows
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